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Life Lessons

These are things to make us think, we can go through life mindlessly not seeking to learn and grow or we STUDY AND MEDITATE on things that can teach us to grow as Christians. Let us be seekers in this life.

Title Author
True Friendship Larry Scarth
 To Do the Right Thing Larry Scarth
Lessons Learned From Moses Larry Scarth
Necessary Preparation Larry Scarth
How Do You Live Your Life? Unknown
As An Amateur Electrician Mark Phillips
Always Giving Thanks Bill Denton
Liberation of Leo Unknown
Automatic Pilot Tim Hall
Beautiful Broken Glass Tim Hall
Walls Tim Hall
A Chance To Change The World Bill Denton
Sunken Truth Tim Hall
Words of Wisdom Unknown
A Reason A Season or A Lifetime Unknown
70 Years Unknown
Attitude Unknown
God Is Awesome Unknown
Help Me Remember Unknown
The Brick Unknown
A Carrot, an Egg & A Cup of Coffee Unknown
A piece of Cake Unknown
 Does God Answer Prayer Unknown
 Something to Think About  Unknown
Mouse Story Unknown
We Cannot Have Yesterday Back Larry Scarth
The Right Culture Larry Scarth
The Rest of Our Lives Larry Scarth