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The Duties of the Elders
They are most commonly referred to as our elders, but can also properly be designated to by such terms as pastors, shepherds, bishops, overseers, presbyters, etc.  Though the church employs a fulltime evangelist, it is the elders who are the primary spiritual leaders of the congregation.  It is the elders of a congregation who are charged by God (1) to watch over the church, to feed it and to protect it as a shepherd cares for his sheep.  The elders are commanded to exercise the oversight over the congregation, but they do so as caretakers, not rulers. (2)  It is the task of the elders to make sure the congregation of God is properly nourished on His word, but they do not have the authority to make laws for the congregation which were not handed down by the Chief Shepherd ( Jesus the Christ ) through His word, the bible. (3)  Our shepherds are loved and held in high esteem among us because of the spiritual work that they do. 

     Jerry Faulkner - Elder

Born in Harrisburg, Arkansas in 1946, his parent were members of the Church of Christ as long as he can remember. They moved to Wichita in 1955 and they attended at Emporia Ave Church of Christ. He was baptized at the Poplar Ave Congregation. He has worked for Cessna Aircraft for 9 years then to Boeing for 22 years where he retired. He then went to work for Spirit Air Craft for the last few years. He has been married to Lynette for over 25 years.

     Ron Hatcher - Elder

Ron was raised in Blackwell, Oklahoma where he attended the Blackwell Church of Christ. Ron has attended here at  47th St. since August of 1992. He is actively involved in the youth group, serves as song leader, teaches youth & adult classes and occasionally preaches when needed. He is retired  from Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita as a sheet metal mechanic. He and his beautiful wife Sheila, have four grown children. 

     Bill Kelly - Elder

Bill Kelly was raised in Rose Hill, Kansas.  He began attending Church in Wichita as a teenager.  Bill was involved with the youth and served as a Deacon while attending the Rose Hill Church of Christ in the 1980ís.  Bill has been a member here at 47th Street for about 9 years and an Elder since 2004.  Bill is married to Glendena and they have two grown children and three grandchildren.


Minister   Byron Barrientez

Byron was born and raised in Great Bend, Kansas. Brought up in the Church of Christ he would later attend BCCJC, OCC and WSU. God Smiled upon him and blessed him with a Christian wife Susan, four boys and one girl. Byron always enjoyed public speaking, Bible study, and Preaching so he tried out at 47th St in 1994. The Lord has blessed this congregation because they are a group of people dedicated to serving God and Loving one another.
   Lavern Dredge
Was born in Blockton, Iowa and moved to Wichita in 1957. His family began attending the 47th St Church of Christ when he was 2 year old. Lavern worked for the City of Wichita in the Body Shop for 10 years until he retired in August 2006 due to health reasons. He is married to Sharon and they have 5 grown children and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Lavern is the Maintenance Deacon and does what he is able to within his restrictions to keep the building in good repair.
 Joe Tobey
Joe Tobey and wife Ruby have three grown children and six grandchildren. Joe and Ruby have been married 50 wonderful years. Joe retired from the Wichita Eagle several years ago.
Joe serves as one of our song leaders. Joe spends much time in helping with the upkeep of the building.


Don McManamy

Don is our Deacon in charge if the worship service. He was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. Married his wife Terrie in 1971. They have 2 grown boys and three grandchildren. He works for Beechcraft here in Wichita, KS.
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